BBQ Pork Ribs Recipe

Try this fabulous recipe barbecue pork ribs for a culinary delight that is served from your barbecue this summer! Ingredients: 4 lbs. pork belly ribs thick and fleshy, barbecue sauce, red wine, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, honey, fresh leaves of rosemary, oregano leaves, salt and pepper, corn starch or flour.

No specific amounts of the ingredients for this recipe are required. You can suit your preferences. When examining the health effects of meat, it’s important to realize that not all meat is created equal.

Cooking method

Once the meat was burned on one side, turn it over and put salt on this side, then duplicate the process of salting when the other side is also sealed. Then, transfer the ribs to the top tray of the grid for the rest of the cooking.

You have to give them back a few times to cook the ribs without burning. Check how well they are made by cutting one of the ribs at the thickest part and examining the color. If you prefer the meat moist then they will be all set when the inner flesh has a light pink color without blood at all, however, this is for you to decide, from a rib well done, but dry, the meat must be almost entirely in white interior.

Pour honey over the ribs melt and allow about five minutes before the end of an excellent honey barbecue flavor.

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