Opiate Dependence – The Silent Epidemic

There is a serious health crisis of epidemic proportions in our country affecting millions of people. It is a medical condition called opioid dependence. It is growing exponentially. It affects all ages and all walks of life.

The most frightening is growing rapidly among our youth.  Many people fall victim to this condition abusing prescription drugs for acute and chronic pain, others become addicted from recreational use.  it ruins lives of Opioid dependent infants and children physically, emotionally and socially. It destroys families, jobs and professions.

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Patients who become ill experience physical and mental Dependent Opioid weight if they do not continue to use opioids. This pain can be so terrible withdrawal that it can achieve psychotic and delusional thinking and action. Thus, it is almost impossible to break the cycle of addiction without help.

When a person addicted to drugs whose main job is the pursuit of drugs. It creates so many problems like family relationships suffer, interrupted performance in the workplace, finances affected and destroyed. He was aware of the results of his addiction, but nothing else mattered except getting more drugs.

The continuous use of opioids cause brain changes that lead to increased growing need for opiates. Brain can only be satisfied by taking over opiates. If the supply of opiates cut people get into severe painful withdrawal that can only be offset by taking more drugs.

Suboxone is a drug that can relieve the painful symptoms of withdrawal. Although it is an opiate itself, it works by blocking the opiate receptors in the brain. If someone takes Suboxone and then take other opiates it will go into severe withdrawal.

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