UK Immigration Law – Visa For a Spouse

There are UK visa immigration laws for couples, unmarried couples and fiance requirements for anyone who wants to join the partner who lives in England.

You will only be admitted to the UK if you apply for the appropriate visa to enter the UK. After all the necessary arrangements to achieve, you will also need entry clearance. If you want to know the whole procedure of spouse visa, then you can consider 121 Immigration.

UK immigration laws also require a visa for a spouse if he wants to live and settle legally in the UK prior to application.

-The person applying for a visa for a couple must be married to someone who is living legally in the UK

-The people who lived and settled in the UK have the right of abode, or have indefinite leave to remain, and have been married at least four years outside the UK

-Both parties intend to live indefinitely in the UK

-Both parties must have the appropriate home that they fully own where they can live with their dependents.

-Before entry permit must be obtained before coming to the UK.

-The applicant will be given a two-year stay in which time he had to find a job before the applicant can be given and ILR or indefinite leave to remain.

Visa for unmarried couples must also be obtained in accordance with UK immigration law. This is another case where an unmarried couple wanted to join the people who live and settle in the UK.

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